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Our mission is to help people discover the life-changing relationship of knowing and following Jesus Christ.

This mission has several important factors:

“to help people discover”
God is seeking people to know Him. We desire to intentionally and creatively cooperate with God in His “seeking to save those who are lost.”

One cannot encounter the living God and remain the same!
His desire for all of us is to become increasingly more like His Son, Jesus.

Knowing God is not about keeping rules, observing rituals, or having religion.
It is about a love relationship with Him.

“knowing . . .Jesus Christ”
New life begins by placing one’s faith in Jesus Christ’s death on the cross
as their substitute and His resurrection as the basis of eternal life.

“following Jesus Christ”
It is not enough to be just a believer in Jesus.
We must become His followers: doing what He would do and saying what He would say.