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This summer Ronda Shockley will oversee the Donation Garden Project. The invitation is open to all the families at RC3 to be involved. Seeds will be planted in the raised beds beside the church parsonage and the vegetables donated to various local organizations or families in need. Like all the Kids Helping Kids projects, the gifts of food will include a gospel component such as tracts and invitations to our worship services and special events. 

The kids will help plant, cultivate, and harvest a variety of vegetables. Brief lessons will be taught from God's Word that relate to planting, sowing, watering, and the harvest to make physical connections to spiritual truths.

Two of our Core Values at RC3 are "A Family Focus" and "Reaching Our World." The Donation Garden will serve to have families working together and foster relationships among the generations. The extra benefit is sharing Jesus with the community while helping to feed the hungry.