Larry Greene
June 28, 2020
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


Daniel 2

Impossible situations come in many forms. A hopelessly lost child, a disintegrating marriage, finances beyond repair, health in desperate condition. These are just some of the impossible circumstances one could face.

In Daniel chapter 2, the hero of the book faced an impossible demand from his boss. “Big deal!” you say? Well, if your boss is a Middle Eastern despot who could have you killed on a whim, then yes! It is a big deal!
In this chapter we discover three ways that Daniel honored God in the face of an impossible situation.

• Grab onto Him by faith, vv. 14-16.

• Go to Him in prayer, vv. 17-18.

• Give Him praise, vv. 20-30.

Daniel honored God in this impossible situation and God honored him (Daniel 2:46-49).