Larry Greene
August 23, 2020
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


John 1:1-13

How can one explain the impact of Jesus Christ? If you believe that Jesus of Nazareth was only a man, then His life and ongoing influence will be to you a "conundrum, wrapped a mystery, inside an enigma" (Winston Churchill). If, however, you believe Him to be what the opening verses of John’s gospel declare Him to be —the eternal God Who became man — then everything He said and did becomes possible. The first 18 verses of John’s gospel is called the prologue. In these verses we discover many key words of the gospel like “life, light, darkness, truth, grace, receive, and believe.” The three dominant themes of the book form the outline of these verses.

The Word revealed, vv. 1-4.

The Word rejected, vv. 5-11.

The Word received, vv. 12-13.

Jesus is the hinge upon which human history turns, but most importantly, He is the hinge upon which our eternal destiny turns.