Larry Greene
January 3, 2021
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


John 6:1-14

John’s gospel gives examples over and over of how Jesus lived among us “full of grace and truth.” Up to this point His grace was lived out to small numbers of people, sometimes even to individuals. As we are like Christ, that will be the usual opportunity for us to live in grace. There are those rare occasions, however, when we, like Jesus, can extend grace to a large group. In the only miracle recorded in all four gospels, the feeding of the multitude, we see how Jesus expressed group grace.

• Group grace is begun by _____ a need, vv. 1-5.
• Group grace is challenged by _____ your faith, vv. 6-9.
• Group grace is achieved by _____ provision, vv. 10-14.
• Group grace is complete by _____ truth taught, vv. 32ff.

When God places you in a position to extend His grace to a large group, join Him in His work!