Larry Greene
July 14, 2019
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


 Genesis 42

After 20+ long years, Joseph finally encounters his brothers. He  recognized them but they did not recognize him. It might appear that Joseph is messing with their minds in this chapter. More likely, he is checking their heart condition. Are these 10 brothers the same cruel, hard-hearted men they were 20 years earlier when they sold their brother into slavery? We discover how God works to soften hard hearts and uses us in the process. 

  • Hard hearts are softened in time of need, vv. 1-5.  
  • Hard hearts are softened in a place of brokenness, vv. 6-24.  
  • Hard hearts are softened by a taste of grace, vv. 25-38.  

God never stops working in the hearts of people.

Perhaps you can be the one to extend grace to the hard-hearted.