Larry Greene
April 12, 2020
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


Luke 24:36-49
The Resurrection: Do You Really Believe Jesus Rose From the Dead?

Many Easter sermons will focus on the empty tomb early Sunday morning. Praise God for the empty tomb! Today, however, I would like to zero in on Jesus’ evening ministry on that first Easter Sunday. In Luke 24:36-49 we read about Jesus’ appearance to the disciples, challenging them that Easter realities and rejoicing bring responsibilities. If we really believe Jesus rose from the dead, it will impact our behavior. ·        

  • If we really believe Jesus is a live, we will see Him in the Scriptures, vv. 44-45.      
  • If we really believe Jesus is alive, we will share Him with sinners, vv. 46-48. ·        
  • If we really believe Jesus is alive, we will serve Him in the Spirit, v. 49.

On this Easter Sunday, let’s live out our faith by learning all we can about Jesus from the Scriptures, sharing to whomever we can about Jesus, and serving Jesus however we can.