November 3, 2020
Guest Speaker


Philippians 3:17-4:1

“Timeless Truth: Christ is the situation of your citizenship.” Paul's situation was not "in prison (even though that is from where he was writing this letter). His situation was Jesus Christ. Our circumstances do not change our situation.

5 CALLS to Believers in this Passage

1) WALK with Christian leaders. Imitate people who are laser-focused & set on the resurrection & who are pursuing Christ hard. (3:17)

2) WEEP about those who are hostile to the cross of Christ. Don’t forget the mission. Weep about lost people. (3:18-19)

3) WAIT. Hope hopefully for the Savior’s return & for the resurrection. (3:20-21)

4) WELCOME other believers with affectionate fellowship. (4:1)

5) WITHSTAND adversity in the Lord. Stand firm in your situation which is your heavenly citizenship in Christ. There is enough to get discouraged about, but don’t be discouraged. Be encouraged in Christ. (4:1)