Larry Greene
June 27, 2021
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


John 13:1-17

Sidenote: Today we celebrated Pastor Larry's 25 years of faithful ministry at our church!

On the night before His death, Jesus met with His disciples in an upper room. On this occasion, He poured into His disciples many lessons about living in grace and truth. To begin this monumental teaching, Jesus began with an object lesson. By means of this lesson, He impressed upon His disciples the foundation of a grace-filled life that they never forgot — HUMILITY.
• The Work of the Humble One is Service, vv. 1-5
• The Word of the Humble One is Forgiveness, vv. 6-11.
• The Will of the Humble One is Obedience, vv. 12-17.
The Christian life begins with humility. We humbly acknowledge our desperate condition as sinners in need of a Savior. That spirit of humility carries on through the rest of our lives.