Larry Greene
September 26, 2021
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor

In today’s passage, Jesus continued the teaching about relationships which He began in chapter 15. The believer’s relationship to Christ is like that of a branch to the vine (15:1-11). The believer’s relationship with other believers is to love one another (15:12, 17). The believer’s relationship to the world is to be a witness (15:18—16:4). 

Today’s passage highlights the Spirit’s relationship to the world. The world may work us, but the Spirit works in the world! Our job is to stay in sync with the Spirit.
The Spirit convicts people of sin, vv. 5-11.
The Spirit guides people to truth, vv. 12-13.
The Spirit points people to Christ, vv. 14-15.
To stay in sync with what the Spirit is doing we must:
Show Christ: be available.
Study Christ: be teachable.
Share Christ: be faithful.