Larry Greene
October 17, 2021
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


John 17:9-19

When one approaches death the really important things take on added significance. It was no different for our Lord Jesus. The night before He died He uttered the longest prayer on record. What or who received His special attention? Last week we learned the glory of His Father was first on His heart (vv. 1-9). Today we discover four requests Jesus made for His immediate disciples. He was going back to the Father by way of the cross. They would remain in the world. What was important to Jesus in light of this?

  • He prayed for their oneness in the world, vv. 9-12.
  • He prayed for their joy in the world, v. 13.
  • He prayed for their protection in the world, vv. 14-15.
  • He prayed for their "set apartness" in the world, vv. 16-19.

What Jesus believed important for His own should be important to us!