Larry Greene
October 24, 2021
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


John 17:20-26

For the last two weeks, we have been listening to Jesus pour out His heart to the Father. He prayed that He would be glorified and that in turn, He would glorify the Father (vv. 1-8). Then He turned His attention to His immediate disciples (vv. 9-19). He requested that they would be one, have His joy, be protected from the evil one, and be set apart. Finally, Jesus prayed for us (v. 20)! What was included in Jesus’ prayer for His future followers? As Jesus peered into the future of His church, He prayed specifically for three crucial needs.
1. Jesus prayed for our spiritual unity, vv. 21-23.
2. Jesus prayed for our eternal destiny, v. 24.
3. Jesus prayed for our mutual love, vv. 25-26.
Does your life bear witness that God the Father sent the Son into the world?