Larry Greene
January 23, 2022
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


Selected Scriptures

Past President of Dallas Theological Seminary Mark Bailey had this to say about the Bible: “The Bible was not given for our information, but for our transformation. God’s will in the Scriptures is a changed life.”
The power of God’s Word to change lives has been true from the beginning. It does not transform a life by osmosis. You cannot place a Bible under your pillow and expect to have change take place. You must take in the truths of Scripture. Isn’t that what Jesus was saying in John 17:17? “Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.”
How can we take in God’s Word? Last week we discovered it is by hearing. Today we will learn two more techniques for taking in God’s Word: reading and studying.
1.    Take in God’s truth by reading.
2.    Take in God’s truth by studying.
Would Jesus ask you the same question He asked the Pharisees, “Have you never read?”