Larry Greene
May 8, 2022
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


James 5:7-12

How will you deal with the injustices of life? In varying degrees, we will all suffer from being done wrong. James had just taken the rich who oppressed the poor to the proverbial woodshed in chapter 5, verses 1-6. In today’s passage, he once again assumes the role of pastor (note the repetition of “brothers”). He gave believers being abused by others three encouraging examples of how to keep one’s focus on Christ.
• Like the farmer, keep working, vv. 7-9.
• Like the prophets, keep witnessing, vv. 10-11a.
• Like Job, keep waiting, vv. 11b-12.
Difficult times in life should instill a longing for Christ. His return. His blessing. His love.