Larry Greene
June 20, 2022
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


Genesis 3

Today many are calling for alternative designs in marriage. In our arrogance and selfish independence, we think we have a better design for marriage. The problem in marriage is not that there is a flaw in the design. The problem is we are flawed. We must understand the ramifications of our flawed nature due to sin. In Genesis chapter three, we discover four effects of sin that occurred in the failure of our first parents.
The inward effect: personal, vv. 1-7.
The upward effect: spiritual, vv. 8-10.
The outward effect: relational, vv. 11-13.
The onward effect: continual, vv. 14-19.
Three steps to fix what is broken:
1. Fix your broken relationship with God.
2. Confess your faults.
3. Work to meet your spouse’s deepest need.