Larry Greene
November 20, 2022
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor

For a follower of Jesus, Thanksgiving is way more than just a day on the calendar each year. It should characterize our entire life! Three passages in Colossians clearly indicate that to be so. Chapter 1:12-14 tells us we should joyfully give thanks because of what God has done for us. In chapter 2:6-7, we learn we should give thanks abundantly for what God does in us. Today we discover that we should continually give thanks for what God does among us. Every verse ends with a reference to thanksgiving and every verb in each verse is in the present tense which denotes continuous action. Three themes are easily spotted in these verses dealing with thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving indicates the peace of Christ ruling among us, v. 15.

Thanksgiving indicates the Word of Christ dwelling among us, v. 16.

Thanksgiving indicates the Name of Christ working among us, v. 17.

Commit yourself to make thanksgiving a daily, ongoing part of your life.