Larry Greene
December 18, 2022
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


Matthew 2:19-23; 2:13-15

One of my college professors had a favorite expression, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." That is a good motto for all of life, not just the classroom. But what happens when unplanned events impede our carefully laid-out plans? What happens when our life takes an unplanned detour?

Our final Christmas Truths for Trying Times message deals with life's detours. Like Mary and Joseph, we must continue our commitment to follow Christ when unplanned detours spring up. In today's passage, the lives of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus take three detours. In each detour, God is working.

By means of detours, God protects us, vv. 13-15.

By means of detours, God identifies us, v. 15b.

By means of detours, God humbles us, vv. 19-23.

The safest place to be when detours arise is obediently following Christ.