Larry Greene
April 9, 2023
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


Revelation 1:10-20

On Good Friday Satan, the religious leaders, and all of Jesus’ enemies thought they had the last word. After all, Jesus was dead and buried. But not so! He has risen and He lives forevermore! Jesus has the last word. We are not gathered together on this Easter Sunday in memory of a dead leader but in celebration of a living Lord and Savior! Jesus did not give the last word in the gospels. Instead, some 60 years later, John heard His voice again. In Revelation chapter one there are four effects of Jesus’ last words.


· Jesus’ last words inspire awe, vv. 10-17a.

· Jesus’ last words instill comfort, vv. 17b-18.

· Jesus’ last words initiate ministry, v. 19.

· Jesus’ last words inform insight, v. 20.


In life, you may feel helpless, but because of the resurrection, you are never hopeless!