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UPDATE: RC3 missionary Dan Sered (Chief Operating Officer for Jews for Jesus) is in Israel providing support to missionaries on the ground there. The missionaries have already helped to provide over 1,500 meals for displaced families and others during the war. They continue to hold Bible studies, distribute the New Testament, and share the hope of the gospel everywhere they can. 

Please continue to pray for the safety of the Jews for Jesus teams as they continue to extend the hope of Yeshua to those in need.

Pray for Israel (from Jews for Jesus)

  • Pray for the safety of those who have been taken hostage.
  • Pray for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers in Gaza and the North who are routing out the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.
  • Pray for the recovery of those who have been wounded by rocket fire and face-to-face attacks by the terrorists.
  • Pray for Gaza and its liberation from the influence of Hamas.
  • Pray for calm and peace for innocent civilians who are terribly frightened.
  • Pray for provision for those whose homes were destroyed by bombs.
  • Pray for the safety and security of every Jewish person globally.
  • Pray for hope for Israel, that their eyes would be fixed on the God who saves.