Larry Greene
April 14, 2019
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


Philippians 4:10-23

A little boy was asked by his father to say grace at the table. While the rest of the family waited, the little guy eyed every dish of food his mother had prepared. After the examination, he bowed his head and honestly prayed, “Lord, I don’t like the looks of it, but I thank You for it, and I’ll eat it anyway. Amen.” Sometimes it's really difficult to be truly grateful. Our perceived wants, needs, and desires get in the way of gratitude. This shuts the door to a life of peace because we are constantly after the next best thing. In the closing passage of Philippians we are given five links in the chain to a peaceful heart. It all starts with a heart of gratitude.  

  • A grateful heart leads to a contented heart, vv. 10-13.  
  • A contented heart leads to a sharing heart, vv. 14-17.  
  • A sharing heart leads to a worshiping heart, vv. 18-20.  
  • A worshiping heart leads to a gracious heart, vv. 21-23.  

These “peace links” form a chain of peace that the world cannot take away!