Larry Greene
September 15, 2019
Larry Greene
Pastor Emeritus


Acts 2:42-47

Today is National Back to Church Sunday. Whether you are back from just last week, last year, or longer—we're glad you're here! We realize that the church means many things to many people. Some people have very bad memories of their church experience; others have very fond memories. The real question is “What does God want His church to be?” To find the answer, we need to go back to the time when the church was in its pristine purity. In today’s passage we discover three dominant features of the church.

  • As a learning community, the church should engage the head, v. 42a.
  • As a worshipping community, the church should engage the heart, v. 42b.
  • As a serving community, the church should engage the hands, vv. 43-45.

Two outstanding results are seen in verses 46-47 when the church engages our heads, hearts, and hands.

  1. Your Christianity in not just a Sunday only deal. We are to live for Him and represent Him on a daily basis.
  2. People will regularly trust Christ as Savior as the Church (the people/believers) live out our faith in Christ day by day.