Larry Greene
October 7, 2019
Larry Greene
Pastor Emeritus


Titus 2:11-15

The past 50 years have brought many changes to our church. Our name changed. The inside appearance changed. The Bible translation used in worship services changed—twice. The senior pastor changed—three times. In view of all these changes, one thing remained the same—the faithfulness of God. Last night we celebrated the past. This morning we are looking to the future. How must we move forward for another 50 years or until Jesus returns!

In Titus 2:11-15 we are given three paths to navigate life as we move forward both as an individual and a congregation.

We must move forward with the proper message, v. 11.

We must move forward with the proper lifestyle, v. 12.

We must move forward with the proper motivation, vv. 13-14. 

Verse 15 wraps it up by commanding the pastor to “declare these things; exhort (encourage) and rebuke with all authority.”