Larry Greene
December 22, 2019
Larry Greene
Pastor Emeritus


Isaiah 9:6-7

Baby pictures are precious. There was a time when you scheduled a photographer for a session every year to trace a child’s growth and development. In our iPhone age we chronicle every day! Pictures are important. God gave us pictures of His Son in the Old Testament through types and prophecies. One of the clearest prophecies is Isaiah 9:6-7. Written almost eight centuries before Jesus was born, we can see in this passage snapshots of the career and character of Christ.

  • The Career of Christ, vv. 6a, 7
    3 Significant events:
  1. His incarnation
  2. His crucifixion
  3. His exaltation
  • The Character of Christ, v. 6b                  
    “and His name shall be called . . . "
    “Wonderful Counselor”
    1.  He is the answer for life’s decisions.
    “Mighty God”                                
    2.  He is the answer for life’s demands.
    “Everlasting Father”                                
    3. He is the answer for life’s dimensions.                                            
    “Prince of Peace”
    4. He is the answer for life’s distresses.        

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