Larry Greene
April 5, 2020
Larry Greene
Pastor Emeritus


Luke 19:37-44
When God Shows Up

Nearly 2,000 years ago Israel had a literal “God sighting.” Jesus entered Jerusalem in such a way that He presented Himself in no uncertain terms as Israel’s Messiah – King. God showed up! The event is called The Triumphal Entry. It is commemorated each year on Palm Sunday and begins Holy Week.  

In Luke’s account of that first Palm Sunday we discover when God shows up, hearts show out.

There are three different hearts described in chapter 19.  

  1. When God shows up, believers reveal a heart of praise, vv. 37-38.
    We praise God for what He has done.
    We praise God for Who He is.
  2. When God shows up, unbelievers reveal a heart of resistance, vv. 39-40.
    Jesus was a threat to the Pharisees. He threatened their position, influence, and lifestyle.  
  3. When God shows up, He reveals a heart of compassion, vv. 41-44.  

Jesus still comes “meek and lowly having salvation.”

What kind of heart will He find in you? Believing or unbelieving?