Larry Greene
July 11, 2021
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor


John 13:31-35

*“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”*
No matter what we do, it is easy to drift to that which is of lesser importance. We lose sight of “the main thing.” Thankfully, that was not the case with Jesus. He constantly kept the main thing the main thing.
In preparing His disciples for His departure back to the Father by way of the cross, Jesus communicated with them what weighed heaviest on His heart, the main thing. There were two burdens that weighed heaviest on the heart of Jesus.
• The commitment to glorify God, vv. 31-32
• The commandment to love one another, vv. 33-35.
Two burdens, a commitment and commandment, weighed heaviest on Jesus’ heart. Do you share those same burdens?