Larry Greene
May 15, 2022
Larry Greene
Senior Pastor

Part 2: Dr. Eric Carter finishes his testimony & Pastor Larry wraps up his sermon & the "Doers of The Word" series in this special evening "Great Day of Praise" service.

We have been discovering what it means to be "Doers of the Word" from the book of James for the past three and a half months. Being a "doer of the Word" (James 1:22) aligns perfectly with our church's theme for the year: "Living by The Book."

No discussion of living by The Book would be complete without teaching on prayer. In the last section of James' book, he instructs that doers of the Word rely on prayer. There are three important truths about prayer in his closing words.

1. The _____ to prayer, vv. 13-16.
2. The _____ of prayer, vv. 17-18.
3. The _____ of prayer, vv. 19-20.