Larry Greene
September 17, 2023
Larry Greene
Pastor Emeritus


Acts 17:16-33

The glory years of Athens had faded centuries earlier, but it still enjoyed the reputation as the home of the intellectual elite. When we encounter people of wealth, influence, or intelligence, it is easy to become intimidated, as if the gospel is beneath them. Paul had no such reservations, and neither should we! Whether a person is wealthy or poor, influential or a nobody, intelligent or not, the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes!

  • The Ministry to Intellectuals, vv. 16-21.
  • The Message to Intellectuals, vv. 22-33.

Conclusion: Six steps for effective apologetics (Mere Apologetics by Alistair McGrath)

  1. Understand the faith.
  2. Understand the audience.
  3. Communicate with clarity (brief)
  4. Find points of contact (music, movies, etc.)
  5. Present the whole gospel.
  6. Practice, practice, practice