Larry Greene
October 1, 2023
Larry Greene
Pastor Emeritus


Acts 18:23—19:7

In our age of instant information, it is difficult to comprehend how news about Jesus was delayed some 20 years in the first century. This passage describes such a scenario! We are introduced to two spiritual Rip Van Winkles — Apollos (18:23-28) and twelve unnamed Ephesians (19:1-7) who suffered gaps in their knowledge and faith that needed filling.

Even today, people have fuzzy, incomplete notions of Jesus’ life, ministry, and mission. As one “sent out,” we must understand that filling those gaps is integral to making disciples.

  • Discipleship involves filling the gaps of incomplete knowledge, vv. 23-28.
  • Discipleship involves filling the gaps of an insufficient faith, vv. 1-7. 

We must discover where people are and help them become what God wants them to be.